BRAND NEW for Business Leaders: MASTERCLASS — Workforce-led Value Creation

This NEW and SMARTER "Work From Home" Strategy Saves Australian Business Leaders Tens-of-Thousands p.a. per Employee — Without Losing Headcount ... and Attracts Top Talent
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Here's What You'll Learn in this MasterClass:


Part 1

Workforce-Led Value Creation — Our "Secret Sauce"

Discover the #1 thing you need to know in order convert your business into a workforce-led value creation and top talent attracting machine.

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Part 2

Suitability — Who Benefits and How

Is this right for your business and your workers? Here's where I explain which business types – and which worker roles are best suited to benefit from Australia's SMART Future of Work.

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Part 3

Permanent and Significant Cost Savings Indicator [FREE Template] 

Operation-wide savings at a glance. We'll show you how quick and easy it is to see where the savings will be generated in your business, with our proprietary cost savings indicator template.

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Part 4

Proprietary Employee Profiler 

This proprietary employee profiler helps us help you identify which of your existing (and future) workers are best suited to make a success of the strategy.

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Part 5

Success Mapping

Assurance is baked in. I take you through the day-to-day execution of the strategy that's specifically designed to ensure business and individual worker success.

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Part 6

Business and Worker Benefits

Make no mistake — this is a significant cost-cutting exercise, worker-care program and a top talent magnet, all rolled into one! Learn the many and varied benefits that are unique to the program, for both the business and it's workers. Save tens-of-thousands p.a – per worker – year-on-year, increase workers' net remuneration, and provide a better work/life balance — all at ZERO NET COST to the business.

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BONUS Lesson

Leveraging Your New Workforce-Led Value Creation Tool

Learn the quick and easy ways to leverage your new workforce-led value creation strategy. Start saving, start rewarding, and start attracting top talent Australia-wide and overseas.

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You Can Only Learn This Here

Meet Your Instructor


Managing Director of Genovesi Enterprises Pty Ltd t/as Intellisolve.

Visionary integrated business, property, wealth and lifestyle, accounting and tax practitioner.

Frank’s passion is to help Australian business owners and the corporate sector be more strategic ... and to FINALLY achieve the 'holy grail' of business ownership i.e. where your gain FAR exceeds your effort.

He constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, and is widely regarded among his peers as an unrivalled thought leader who is highly creative in his approach - in order for you to prosper like never before.

Frank's Accomplishments:

  • Created an entire NEW Infused Asset Sub-class: Resimercial
  • Developed 'Australia’s SMART Future of Work' in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Acknowledged by the Tax Practitioners Board for the right to proclaim as Australia's 'sole educator and trainer' to accountants, financial advisers and lawyers in his area of expertise (home business deductibility)
  • #1 Amazon International Bestselling Author in 3 Countries (Australia, Canada, USA) with ‘Deduct Your Home: Why a Home Business Offers So Many Significant, Immediate and Lasting; Business, Taxation, Wealth and Lifestyle Benefits’


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BRAND NEW for Australian Business Leaders: MASTERCLASS — Workforce-led Value Creation.

This NEW and SMART "Work From Home" strategy saves australian business leaders tens-of-thousands p.a. per employee — without losing headcount ... and attracts top talent.


Business Leaders Series MasterClass: Workforce-Led Value Creation. No credit card required. To gain instant access, click or tap the "Next Step" button on the main screen. Australias SMART Future of Work.  This NEW and SMARTER "Work From Home" strategy saves Australian business leaders tens-of-thousands p.a. per employee — without losing headcount, and attracts top talent. Deduct Your Home... Read More »



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