Cut Business Costs, Build Wealth, Save Tax and Live Better!

  • Pay your home off much faster to possibly save tens if not hundreds of thousands in mortgage interest.
  • Extend your home for more space, value and comfort for around the same true cost as an inferior property, OR ...
  • Live in a better home in a better area for around the same true cost as an inferior property.


We’re The Experts In Showing How To Use Your Home To Cut Business Costs, Build Wealth, Save Tax and Live Better!

Tax Deductable Mortgage Interest?

A Tax Deductible Pool?

Luxury Barthroom, Alfresco and Furnishings?

Interestate/International Jetsetting 'Working' Holidays?

Private Jetty?

Cut Business Costs and Bank The Cash?

You can now use TAX FREE MONEY to either:

(1) Pay your home off much faster to possibly save tens if not hundreds of thousands in mortgage interest.
(2) Extend your home for more space, value and comfort for around the same true cost as an inferior property.


(3) Live in a better home in a better area for around the same true cost as an inferior property.

Think it can’t be done?

Think again!

You can possibly claim anywhere from around a few thousand dollars to $50,000 or more p.a. in tax deductions as connected to a substantial part of your home’s mortgage interest, council and water rates, building insurance and building depreciation and …

Legally pay no capital gains tax ever!

Remarkably, this can work just as well even if you’ve already paid off your home.

Australia’s new low-cost home ownership/upgrade/income-restructuring system is smart, safe, effective, flexible and unparalleled.

Most people qualify, plus it’s fast, free and easy to find out.  

It’s time to get more for your money!

Example Benefits

Example 1

Greg earns $160,000 p.a in his job.

He lives in a nice home that is worth around $1,000,000 with a mortgage of $600,000 @ say 5% interest (long-term average).

He can likely restructure himself to attain deductions of around $30,000 p.a that he can use to offset his wage and salary income going forward thus saving him nearly $11,250 p.a in tax (Medicare levy excluded).

He can also pay no capital gains tax in future should he hopefully sell his property for a profit.

Example 2

As above however instead, Greg is employed by his own company and works from a commercial office building. Without meddling with his current business arrangements, we demonstrate the reasons for setting up any non-related home business to generate an additional $75,000 of deductions for the company to offset other income. To further consider that companies do not enjoy a tax-free threshold, this is pretty amazing, saving his company a very cool $18,750 p.a in tax!

Example 3

Tony and Rose are married and each earning $90,000 p.a. in their respective jobs.

They start a home business the INTELLISOLVE way and decide to run it in their spare time as an equal partnership.

We figure their home business will generate $30,000 a year in losses at least for the first few years.

They each then apply to the ATO to vary (reduce), their regular tax payments as withheld by their employers, as based on lower assessable income of $75,000 (i.e., they each get a $15,000 tax deduction or half of the business’ total deductions) saving them each $4,875 p.a in tax.

They then use the additional after-tax income to make extra weekly repayments off their non-deductible $600,000 home loan meaning they pay it out some 7.5 years earlier and save around $155,000 in interest.

Example 4

Mike owns a business that he runs from a leased factory unit. We demonstrate that by constructing a back shed at home from where to operate instead, he saves $30,000 p.a in lease and outgoings and that he can now contribute that same $30,000 to paying the relevant interest component on his home mortgage.

This immediately improves his cash-flow by $30,000 p.a in having cut out those past business expenses and his still gets the same deduction amounts.

He pays his home off much faster and pays no cgt at sale.

Mike spent $10,000 on a great shed and he pays it off at 5% p.a interest which costs him $500 a year (and naturally that’s tax deductible).

We further demonstrate that since the shed is now saving him $30,000 in lease and outgoings plus that it captures another $30,000 a year in deductions (and let’s presume he runs under a company structure), that it’s actually worth $37,500 p.a to him i.e. $30,000 + $7,500 [i.e. $30,000 x 25 cents in the dollar company tax rate].

Consequently, as a return on investment, we’re not kidding when we say he is making a whopping 7,500% p.a (i.e., the $37,500 he saves in year one divided by $500 = 75).

Do you think Mike’s happy?

Example 5

Trevor and Nina would love to live close to the beach but think they can’t afford it!

Much to their delight, we demonstrate that by selling their current home and upgrading to a beach-front lifestyle and by configuring the property the really smart way (i.e., the INTELLISOLVE way), that the additional loan repayments on the money they’ll borrow is fully tax deductible.

Effectively, they are funding their dream lifestyle that happens to include a probable superior appreciating real estate asset out of pre-tax dollars and again, we demonstrate how they’ll have no capital gains tax worries at sale simply by following the dots that we connected and that the ATO have written to us to effectively confirm as not being illegal tax exploitation in any way, shape or form. Not too shabby huh?

Example 6

Max and Eva are self-funded retirees.

Max draws regular tax-free amounts from his super and together they bring in $30,000 p.a from their jointly owned investment properties plus typically another $5,000 p.a each in dividends from their  shares. Max also enjoys regular share trading for some extra dollars (plus it keeps him on his toes).

We show them that by running the share trading activities in a certain manner (this is potentially already a home business) and in setting up any other type of home business they like for either or both to run, that they will generate around $30,000 p.a overall in new deductions to split between them which is more than enough to wipe out the usual tax liability from the rent, dividends and trading profits.

To top it off, they should look forward to making some extra dosh from the new venture/s.

Alternatively, they could look at it as in making some tax-free money from the new venture/s.

Simply relying on super was too one dimensional and our processes eased the taxation burden on their overall diversified other interests.

Intellisolve strives to enlighten, educate, train and generally assist you with stunning initial advice and ongoing reliable service in respect of our uniquely unrivaled, home-business-property procedures which will advantage you like nothing else can!

So, whilst we could pump out example scenarios all day, suffice it to say, this is arguably the safest and the best way to convert non-deductible personal debt into deductible business debt, to cut tax and to live better now and always!

Explore Potential Ventures

We further appreciate that it’s possible you may be thinking … “sure this sounds great and all but just what home business can I or should I run”?

It’s most probably in your own interest to start thinking about this aspect of your life sooner rather than later as every day you wait is surely costing you money in which case, further down are some possibilities to contemplate.

If you see something you like and want to run with it … great! Please let us know and we can assist you with some business planning, cash flow projections and profit forecasts to help ensure you don’t go down a path of disappointment!

However, if nothing here appears to your liking, don’t despair and perhaps keep looking here, there and everywhere and keep your thinking cap on as by having these thoughts uppermost in your mind, you will eventually create your own destiny.

Perhaps you could investigate any one or more of the following as legitimate avenues to a home-based business:

  • Trading in financial instruments such as; shares, cfd’s, NFT’s, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, precious metals, futures, antiques, vintage guitars, vintage cars, vintage and modern jewelry, exotics, art, collectables of a zillion kinds etc.
  • Property development (alone or in syndication)
  • Property renovation and resale
  • A bed and breakfast
  • An Uber taxi
  • A micro agribusiness of your own
  • Animal husbandry (horses, alpacas etc.)
  • A repair business for appliances, computers, musical instruments etc.
  • Piano tuning
  • Dressmaking and alterations
  • Handyman and or gardening services
  • A qualified trade (electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.)
  • Converting any passion or pastime into a commercial venture (art, sport, music, songwriting, music production, fiction writing, modelling, fishing, camping, food, wine, martial arts, physical and personal training, movies, travel  … basically – you name it)
  • Writing a book or an e-book on something you’re knowledgable about for hopeful publication or self-publication in physical and online stores and or from your own website
  • Hiring a “ghost-writer” and selling the work as your own (don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal)
  • Blogging for money
  • Acquiring or making “stuff” for sale at the markets or online on sites such as “gumtree”, “dinkos” or your own website
  • An eBay store selling just about anything
  • Tuition in singing, playing a musical instrument, languages, computers, primary or high school math, english, science, etc.
  • Business coaching
  • Mortgage broking
  • Accounting
  • Legal services
  • Financial planning
  • Real estate agency
  • Architecture
  • Building
  • Personal development
  • Life coaching
  • Public speaking
  • Web design
  • Website SEO
  • Translation services
  • Proof-reading
  • Dog grooming/washing/training
  • Article writing
  • Conveyancing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Virtual assistant
  • Online affiliate marketing i.e., where you set up a website and promote other people’s goods and services for commission
  • Direct selling (Amway, Nutimetics, Ursana, Bessemer, Avon, Enjo, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Nuskin, Tupperware, Lingerie Party Plans, Linen Party Plans etc.)

And so on and so forth.

The key is to use your imagination and you’ll surely find something that can be both enjoyable and profitable!

Additionally, why not search online under something like “home based business opportunities australia” and take it from there.

Good hunting!

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