The World Has Changed. 

There's a full-on war for talent. With widespread evidence of the efficacy of remote work, even the most futuristic organisations lack the know-how to escape the costs and other burdens of our inflexible employment system.

Quite rightly, business stakeholders and working teams expect more. 

Only Intellisolve shows you how to truly adapt, sustainably grow, and thrill your workers.


Deduct Your Home
Frank Genovesi, CEO Intellisolve

#1 international bestselling author, and creator of Deduct Your Home and Deduct Your Home TEAMSFrank is widely regarded among peers as an unrivalled thought leader, highly creative in his approach, in order for you to prosper like never before.

Welcome to Australia’s SMART Future of Work!

Due to COVID-19, the world continues to bear witness to the largest socio-economic experiment in human history, whereby we find ourselves in a new era of work in which hundreds of millions of workers globally were forced to work from home.

As time marched on, many of us were delighted with how well it worked

While some businesses suffered, others pivoted and learned how to reimagine themselves.

The vast majority didn't crash and burn - they survived.

While having millions working from home on such a massive scale unplanned and unannounced had it's challenges, ultimately working from home allowed for business continuity in a profoundly disrupted world.

However, much on all sides, will never be the same!

Despite all that continues on the public health front, and with government stimuli drying up, business and workers alike, are looking for more predictable, intelligent and rewarding solutions.

As the dust settles and as our public health officials, governments and business leaders deem it safe, many employers and employees will relish the return to what was perceived as "normality". There is however, no such thing!

As CEO of a business that is firmly positioned as the leader in Australia’s Smart FUTURE of Work, you might also appreciate I read a lot of commentary on this vital topic.

Nowhere do I find governments or other business leaders going out on a limb such as to suggest it is in the mutual interest of workers, small, medium and large business and the nation, that as many workers as practicable quit their jobs for good.

Yes – you read that right!!!

Of note, from the ABC NEWS article 'Working from home likely to stay long after COVID-19 pandemic is over ' (16 September 2021), it was reported: 

"Working from home is here to stay long after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the federal government's key economic adviser, with a new report (from the Productivity Commission), suggesting some people might even take a pay cut to remain in their home office".

In my view however, dishing out "pay cuts" are cruel and unecessary simply to induce and or perhaps to allow business to permit mass scale working from home as moreover, Intellisolve actively promotes increasing workers' net remuneration as business simultaneously saves big on workforce related costs!.

Sounds like a crazy riddle I know - whereas you may rest assured it is not!

Having recently achieved 'Nominee: Thought Leader of the Year' in Accountants Daily's, Australian Accounting Awards 2021, such recognition underpins a firm self-belief as a futurist, albeit with roots planted firmly in the 'now'.

Covid has done a remarkable job of opening the minds of the world to learning about something Intellisolve has known for 20 years, being:

‘How and why’ a good home business strategy (more than anything else), promotes rapid and sustainable business growth to the new contractors and their former employers (revealed here), and how in turn, this improves lives, improves lives, and I repeat again - improves lives! 

In 2001, I began to develop a ‘work from home’ model that has stood the test of time.

Hence in our C-19 dominated world, my ideas as having been developed for over two decades, stand very much tried, true and tested - and they're ripe for evolution.

So much so that since March 2020, I have spent most of my waking moments creating a new platform for business and personal growth and you guessed it – home-based business remains at the heart of it.

And for good reason!

Business can talk all they like about hot-desking, working from home, going 'hybrid' and splitting-up teams like shift-workers, although these reactionary tactics do not in themselves create significant and lasting value.

Consequently, business remains fixated on a dated employer/employee model that is dysfunctional on many levels.

It’s too easy and too convenient for Australia’s business leaders to remain closed-minded, appearing to be committed to maintaining the status-quo despite appearances to embrace real and lasting beneficial change.

Enslaved by fear-based beliefs, organisations and workers cannot prosper as they could and should.

To still be insisting on paying people to turn up and be paid for time expended, rather than rewarding them for results produced is non-incentivising and plain backward.

HR heads need to adopt a more forward looking approach before reporting to CEO's without which, genuinely new ideas such as this can't be invested into.

Furthermore at the macro level, the mainstay employer/emploee model inhibits GDP growth in various ways.

Having as many people as practicable with 'skin in the game', is far and away the best way, en-masse, to build prosperity for all stakeholders and the nation.

In such regard, organisations remain idealistically flawed, suffering a lack of fundamental insight as to what creates tangible and lasting value.

The simple fact is, legacy working models aren't up to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Ages come and go, and this is no different!

This is of course not to say that all direct employment must cease - that would be ludicrous.

However, I strongly advocate that the way we work must be remodelled where applicable, to ensure our country’s workforce and businesses equally remain fit for purpose and are in the best position to compete both locally and globally i.e. particularly when border restrictions ease.

For those leaders willing to explore closing their experience and knowledge gap, there is a gem of an opportunity to learn how to thrive in our 'Better New Normal'.

This 'gem' is essentially a very simple, yet delicate, three step process:

  1. Qualify which employees are suited to independent, home-based contracting, transforming them into business owners in their own right, where their home is now their principal place of business.
  2. Next, offer a tantalising inducement package to those appropriately identified so they willingly resign their employment.
  3. Enrol these new contractors into a comprehensive and professional support regime for the establishment and ongoing operation of their new home-based business thus to ensure their ongoing success as well as that of their former employer.

And so it is therefore and I repeat, that improving lives should be our common goal, our joint mission!

Every business that improves the lives of its people and its customers, stands to become a national treasure in its own right.

Every individual that improves their own life and those of their loved ones, is doing the very best thing possible with their time and energy as it all starts with a healthy dose of self-love, then love of family, friends, community, country and our planet.

Never forget, it is because we work to live and not the opposite, that many of us can and will do this.

More than anything else, incentivised independent home business owners serving their former employer as their main client, will forever change the way we work, live and build prosperity.

And whilst of course it can't suit everyone, for those that it can, and for every conceivable disadvantage one might attempt to conjure, there are many and varied outweighing positives.

I encourage you to explore your area of interest within this site and to uncover and then deeply consider the possibilities that are now firmly within reach.

It starts with one employer, one employee and one new home business a time.

Others will at first watch from the sidelines (that is human nature), only to then ask to be included!

This is what we mean when we talk about 'workforce-led value creation'. 

Nothing compares.

It can't be stopped.

It’s a new age.

The SMART Future Of Work!



Frank Genovesi
CEO Intellisolve


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