Deduct Your Home: The Book

Australia, Canada and the USA in multiple categories for finance, small business and taxation.

Why a Home Business Offers So Many Significant, Immediate And Lasting; Business, Taxation, Wealth And Lifestyle Benefits

A qualified and practising business and tax adviser's take (as well as being a recent ex-financial adviser of 25 years and property buyers and sales representative of 17 years), on why a home business offers so many significant, immediate and lasting; business, taxation, wealth and lifestyle benefits that you've not heard about elsewhere.

Deduct Your Home:

  • Get a Partial or Full Tax Deduction for Your Home Loan Interest
  • Get a Partial Tax Deduction For Your Other Property Expenses
  • Pay Little or No Capital Gains Tax at Sale
  • Wipe Out Your Mortgage
  • Reduce Business Costs
  • Cut Personal Debt
  • Build Wealth
  • Slash Tax

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