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Deduct Your Home
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Why Intellisolve's Unique Approach to  Apartments, Villas and Homes Offers Your Sellers and Buyers so Many Significant, Immediate and Lasting; Business, Taxation, Wealth and Lifestyle Benefits. HINT: It's how you think about a home that matters!

Welcome to Australia’s SMART FUTURE of Property!

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Selling Agents:

Typically, it's only after the proprietor has thought of selling and to have contacted you, that you might appraise their property.

Rather than being essentially reactive or doing what everyone else does (you know - the same old - same old - such as letterbox drops, door knocking and the like, where you offer an updated market appraisal that on the face of it is so predictable and shall we admit it together, ahhh - boring)?

Staying on that weary path is a slow ride to the middle of nowhere whereas instead and fast, we'll have you proacatively striking-up conversations that give your prospects compelling reasons to sell and yes, even when it was the last thing on their mind!

Our knowledge sets you apart from the pack.

Intellisolve's training provides this incredible and vast difference you.

And it sends a very loud and clear message both to your clients and your competitors, that you understand how to maximise the value of real estate like no other.

Soon you'll be operating at a higher level, one that you've seemingly created 'from thin air'.

Only those trained by us can correctly write-up offers and execute at this exciting new level.

Devoid of this knowledge and training, your competitors have no chance of winning listings from you.

Additionally, you can and should easily and ethically, command a premium commission.

Thinking this through a little further of course, you're only half-way there with your client, as most people will need somewhere else to live once you've sold their home. 

Your training inherently has you demonstrating how they can purchase a higher value, superior property at around the same true ‘net cost’ as the inferior ones that others can show them on their otherwise to remain lower budget.

Alternatively, if they prefer, you can show them how to acquire their next dream home regardless of purchase price, at the lowest possible true net cost.

Naturally, all of this is outlined to them at the start so they know exactly the exciting journey you will be taking them on.

Therefore as it happens, it's for the same reasons they initially hired you to sell their home that they'll happily appoint you as their buyers agent for the subsequent replacement. 

Keeping things fair and legal, the commission of this transaction is not conflicted with the first as it is from a separate event.

Intellisolve's IP has just secured you more than double your earnings from the one client.

As your new service is the only one that can offer such an enormous entwined, financial and lifestyle benefit not only to to the client but also to their family and friends, you're now ideally positioned to rightfully ask for, and to expect and to receive, a swag of referrals.

No-one can touch you now.

Wanna be the Rock Star in your patch? 

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Buyers Agents:

Following on, you can smash it big-time by following the bouncing ball when it comes to how we will coach you, quickly and easily, to hold what will initially seem to you to be almost unbelievable client conversations.

Upon mastering these in the first-instance with your prospects, their resistance will naturally and completely fall-away.

At that point, you can command a premium fee as it’s now a totally new picture they have bought into, one that can’t be shown by your competitors unless they too have aligned with Intellisolve.

Your prospects will then realise they’d be mad to do business with anyone else.

For both selling and buyers agents, our business model is predicated on quality, not quantity, so you must be quick to secure your place.