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Mission Statement: To give a sustained boost to your personal and business; financial, retirement, taxation, property and lifestyle affairs”.


  • Professionals
  • Corporations (both public and private)
  • Small Business Owners
  • Employees and Families of Those Above
  • Anyone Willing To Embark Upon An Enjoyable Journey of Planning For and Working Towards A Better Life

HeadshotIn 2021, with our parent company celebrating 25 years of helping people to be more prosperous, secure and satisfied and remaining ever-proudly unshackled and fiercely free thinking, Intellisolve has no great love for any particular bank, insurer, financial product manufacturer, property developer or any other person or firm within the spaces it operates!

Being focused solely on helping you to accurately identify opportunities, threats and issues across a wide spectrum, Intellisolve will then empower you with the requisite blend of knowledge and incentive for you to make timely and astute business and personal decisions and to then get on with helping you to put those decisions into action.

Way back in 1992, I, Gianfranco (Frank) Genovesi (Intellisolve’s principal), commenced as a self-employed financial planner to have subsequently helped around one thousand people to build and protect their wealth thus as to achieve or to move much closer to achieving their goals.

In 2005, I gained WA real estate industry sales qualifications also to have worked as both a buyers’ and sellers’ agent’s representative. I have buying and selling residential and commercial property experience in both private treaties and auctions.

From 2001 to the present and via an individually designed and ongoing immersion program, I invested in excess of 14,000 hours of my time (you could think of it along the lines of perhaps just short of the sort of the time and intensity commitment as required to complete a bachelor’s degree and to follow it up with a masters and then to knock a big dent into a  PhD). Consequently, I now demonstrate a unique expertise across a substantial array of applying the tax law to both personal and small business circumstances (intertwined).

This substantial body of  experience in navigating a myriad of Australian Tax Office (ATO) administrative procedures further expanded to include gaining an outstanding understanding of  taxpayer and ATO engagement and behaviour within the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the courts on matters of objections to taxation assessments, private rulings and class rulings.

According to some, so broad and so strong is my documented and demonstrated knowledge of how to interpret and apply the tax law, that in November 2012, the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), approved my application to be a  “Registered Tax Agent” (unrestricted), without having prior graduated with even a Cert IV in accounting or a diploma, let alone the typically acquired degree and neither also did I exhibit years of supervised work experience in an accounting firm (i.e. the overwhelming pathway to gaining TPB registration).

What I did instead, was to evidence that I was a voting member of an approved tax agent association as coupled with at least eight years experience in the last ten, in which I'd worked directly with the tax law.

The question genuinely begs therefore as to whether anyone in any strictly regulated profession in Australia, has before or since, ever done anything like this?

In my case, with no formal training or qualifications in taxation, I was registered to practise in public so there you have it and go figure!

OF NOTE: Not even lawyers can achieve this feat without firstly passing a TPB approved course in Australian taxation law (from which I was exempted).

I am further humbled that unlike typical accountants and upon my direct enquiry, the TPB also exempted me from completing a Board Approved Course in Australian commercial law to enable the renewal of my tax agent triennial registration.

To digress, interestingly, in April 2013 amidst a client matter of which I held carriage, I had somewhat of a stouch with an ATO tax lawyer in front of Senior Member CR Walsh of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal whereby the learned gentleman said to the Tribunal words to the effect that I was not an expert in my field.

Well that kind of “got up my nose” so I wrote to the TPB to inquire on its position of whether it was ok for me to say that I am such an expert and to have further supplied the Board with some prior blog posts in which I stated that I was Australia's sole trainer to the financial, taxation and legal professions in such regard and, that the ATO had a problem with admitting the fact that I am Australia’s foremost expert in my field.

On 6th May 2014, the TPB wrote back to me stating that my conduct in question had NOT breached the tax agent’s professional code of conduct (which requires a registered tax agent to act with honesty, integrity and competence).

As the gatekeeper to who may become and who may remain a registered tax agent and as a sister Commonwealth agency to the ATO with which it cooperates closely, in conclusion hereof, I take the opportunity to state my gratitude to the Tax Practitioners Board for its continued faith in my technical prowess and associated competence, practices and ethics. 

I further thank the ATO for inspiring me to mount every ounce of determination and fortitude as was needed in my having taken up the various challenges presented over the years and to have further prevailed against such overwhelming odds. At times, it is true that the ATO and I were firece combattants and that is well and good as it remains in the past where lessons were no doubt learned on both sides whereas I now see us as partners in the edification of the taxpayer to ensure via our respective roles within Australia's tax system, the attainment of accurate and correct representation, treatment and outcomes concerning the application of the enormous breadth and depth of the tax law to taxpayers various circumstances. 

  • CEO / Principal Advisor / Thought Leader
  • Registered Tax Agent Numbers. 26223000 (Personally) and 24756578 (Intellisolve)
  • Fellow of the National Tax & Accountants’ Association Ltd (NTAAF), Membership No. 61871
  • NTAA Public Accountant
  • Member of the (NTAA+), as Stapled to NTAA Membership ;No. 61871. 
  • Member of the Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA), Membership No. 344799
  • Associate of the Institute of Financial Accountants, Membership No. 344799
  • Certificate IV Accounting (Finally Got Myself a Tax Industry Related Sheet of Paper With Some Letters On It ... Just Because)!
  • Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Diploma Property Services (Agency Management)
  • Some 25 Years of Experience as a Financial Planner (However Retired From That Industry in May 2019).
  • ASIC RG146 SMSF Accredited to Advise Upon the Establishment of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (I no longer do this however).
  • 17 Years of Experience as a WA Registered Real Estate and Business Sales Representative.
  • ASIC Registered Agent No. 34341 (via Genovesi Enterprises Pty Ltd)
  • Australia’s Sole Expert in Integrated, Tax Efficient, Home Based Business Lifestyle and Wealth Enhancement
  • 40 Years of Experience, Understanding and Empathy as a Small Business Owner/Operator
  • International No. 1 Best Selling Author (US, Canada and Australia), in Multiple Business and Finance Categories for “Deduct Your Home” – available in paperback, hardcover and kindle … CLICK TO PREVIEW
  • Past International Recording and Touring Artist (Australia, USA & France), Currently Still a Professional Vocalist and Musician, Family Man and Some Say, A Helpful, Nice Guy.


  • Taxation and Accounting Services: You may instruct Intellisolve to collect, classify and interpret your financial information and as registered tax agents, to further provide you with associated taxation compliance and or advisory functions. You may also be aware that financial advisers have been able to register with the Tax Practitioners Board since 01/07/2014  in order to give limited advice called “Tax Financial Advice” (i.e. in relation to a client’s affairs as considered solely within a financial planning context) and whilst this is certainly a step forward for that profession, it can fall significantly short of your dealing with a fully registered tax agent like us, thereby as unrestricted by the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 in respect of the type of tax agent services you can obtain (e.g. advice upon the most suitable business structure, preparation and lodgement of your personal and business, company, trust and smsf tax returns, BAS lodgements and PAYG Withholding, plus; in representing your dealings with the Commissioner of Taxation as may be required from time to time e.g. applications and objections on a range of matters such as assessments, private and class rulings, audit findings, Administrative Appeals Tribunal  matters etc). 
  • Small Business Services: Intellisolve can register your small business for GST and or an ABN, assist with dealings with local councils to obtain development approvals to commence or vary a business and more. Furthermore as an ASIC Registered Agent, Intellisolve can also serve as your company’s registered office for purposes of liaison with ASIC, setting up companies and special purpose companies and more. Intellisolve is also adept in many facets of business advisory.

(Note): All financial planning, life insurance and other financial planning product advice and placement services, general insurance, legal, leasing, finance and mortgage broking and direct property matters are outsourced upon your consent to trusted associates. 

GENERAL ADVICE WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: Whilst this site contains much information concerning a variety of subject matters, it is general in nature and does NOT take into account anyone’s or any entity’s particulars. Before acting on anything you may read herein,  we advise that you contact this office to obtain tailored, professional advice. In otherwise simply visiting this site, you may not purport to have received any personal or business advice from us whatsoever further to which we expressly disclaim any and all liability for any loss or damage that arises in connection with your having acted contrary to this above warning. 

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