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Deduct Your Home
Frank Genovesi, CEO Intellisolve

#1 international bestselling author, and creator of Deduct Your Home and Deduct Your Home TEAMSFrank is widely regarded among peers as an unrivalled thought leader, highly creative in his approach, in order for you to prosper like never before.


With the war for talent in full swing, finding your clients top personnel is no longer good enough.

In light of this sudden need for talent, and with people embracing flexibility and autonomy in spending more of their time working from home, workers and job seekers will have the upper hand.

Many candidates won’t accept a job if it's not a remote position, or at least in part.

To stay ahead of this paradigm shift, those seeking top personnel must now introduce their clients to a new, conjoined and unrivalled:

  • Talent acquistion and retention program
  • Business growth program and;
  • Worker care program.

Alignment with Intellisolve offers your clients the following benefits:

  • Permanently and significantly cuts operating costs while maintaining quality, cohesion, productivity, organisational and team culture.
  • Potentially reduces payroll tax (depending on each workers’ circumstances).
  • May reduce associated compulsory workers compensation insurance premiums (depending on each workers’ circumstances).
  • Downsizes office accommodation (where applicable), saving on commercial lease expenses, management fees and GST.
  • Reduces or negates car parking and associated Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) for affected employers with gross annual turnover of $50M or higher.
  • Reduces or negates other FBT items.  
  • Downsizes the payroll department without necessarily rendering it obsolete.
  • Secures talent for the long-term thus contributing to ongoing high productivity and service standards.
  • Reduces the need to look outside the organisation.
  • Arrests the frequency/need and associated costs and lost productivity of replacing underperforming workers.

And ...

  • With no annual leave costs, it realises an immediate 7.7% productivity increase i.e. where previously only 48 out of 52 weeks were productive.
  • Further to the above, it eliminates lost productivity of up to 10 days per annum, previously allocated to sick/carer's/personal leave (cumulative year on year).
  • Reduces/eliminates accrued long service leave from liabilities at the balance sheet.
  • Eliminates unfair dismissal claims under the Fair Work Act 
  • Reduces various forms of discrimination and harassment claims in the Fair Work Commission.   
  • Less plant and equipment required to accommodate workers (tools, desks, chairs, computers, photocopiers, cars, delivery vans etc).
  • Further to the above, such assets can be leased or sold to the new contractors, allowing businesses to downsize premises without storage issues.
  • Further again, proceeds from asset sales strengthens the balance sheet by banking the cash and or reducing liabilities by paying down any applicable debt on these items.
  • The use of Deeds of Confidentiality and/or Non-disclosure Agreements, eliminates the risk of intellectual property or trade secrets being leaked/compromised.

However and suffice it to say, your clients may only benefit by firstly demonstrating wherever possible to their employees, that in transitioning to home-based independent contracting, that great enhancements are possible in terms of their:

  • Livelihoods.
  • Personal and family security.
  • Home comfort.
  • Capacity for a broadly more fulfilled and enjoyable life.
  • Financial futures - through to retirement.

Critically of note, our documentation and reciprocal correspondence with the ATO and the Tax Practitioners Board, firmly support our view that more than merely leading this space, we are the sole occupant.

Intellisolve ... Nothing Compares!

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