Attention Public Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners and Lawyers.

At any given time, we may only operate to the extent that our knowledge, training and experience allow however and furthermore, the smarter and more professional amongst us collaborate to draw from those whom bring what we lack.

Yet there is much that remains unknown.


Deduct Your Home
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Deduct Your Home, The Book!

For those in the business of helping clients to maximise their pre-or-post retirement wealth -  their business and personal tax-effective decision making - enjoying more comfort,  happiness and prestige from their homes, then grab a copy of my #1 Amazon international bestselling book, 'Deduct Your Home'.

Welcome to Australia’s SMART FUTURE of Work, Lifestyle and Prosperity!

If you and your trusted network affiliates are in the business of helping clients to maximise any or all of the following:

  • Pre or post retirement wealth.
  • Business and personal tax-effective decision making.
  • Happiness, comfort and prestige stemming from their home environment.

... then you're operating within a considerable knowledge vacuum!

The great news though is that Intellisolve’s tried, tested and regulator vetted IP, is easily and quickly transferred to position you as the expert in your client’s eyes.

Upon acquiring your new knowledge, which of your clients will you help?


Your new insights will help your clients to significantly and permanently, reduce their business operating costs by thousands of dollars per annum, per worker, quickly allowing them to:

  • Reinvest for more growth.
  • Reward shareholders.
  • Hold more cash on the balance sheet.
  • Become an Australian ‘Workplace of Choice’.
  • Enroll their employees into our amazing new ATO acknowledged workforce program.


As you are only too aware, currently, they slog it out to earn their wages (with PAYG tax compulsarily withheld), then to hopefully not struggle too much with what's left in order to fund the great many of their life's expenses. 

What can I say except that’s just excessively hard and how else might I put it ... oh that's right ... it's masochistic!

The far better way is to build one or more businesses around whatever and wherever their personal, commercial and working interests might lay such that the “system” automatically rewards them accordingly. 

Prudent planning, implementation and timely adjustments as may be occasionally required, produce unavoidable tax benefits that do not attract the unwanted attention of the regulator as upon any reasonable analysis, put simply, a business is being run.

This type of thinking legitimately opens doors to pre-tax payments on what are ordinarily considered private expenses.

Depending on their individual circumstances, most folks can easily get started with a little side-hustle to perhaps later take this route full-time doing whatever it is that they already do for a living (or often as is often likely the case, what they'd rather be doing).

Definitely, no hard sell required as clients crave this outcome once they understand how easily it is obtained and what's in it for them and their loved ones!

All they need is a newer, better, smarter and more switched-on version of you to help them see the light, coupled with a desire to better theirs and their family’s outlook now, rather than waiting possibly decades for their ‘normal’ plans to bear fruit.


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