Sell Higher Value Homes For The Same Net Price!

  • Become 'Home Builder/Developer Of Choice' - Attract TOP CLIENTS (and TOP TALENT) to your business.
  • INFLUENCE/RE-SHAPE how Australia works, lives and prospers.
  • A truly innovative WIN for your business, your clients and your team - only available through Intellisolve.


Deduct Your Home
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Deduct Your Home, The Book!

Why Intellisolve's 'DYH' Range of Apartments, Villas and Homes Offers Your Clients so Many Significant, Immediate and Lasting; Business, Taxation, Wealth and Lifestyle Benefits. HINT: It's how you think about a home that matters!

Welcome to Australia’s SMART FUTURE of Work, Lifestyle and Prosperity!

Only Intellisolve can show you how to quickly and easily design, and then safely market, a highly desirable new range of ultra-tax-efficient property modalities, specifically designed for Australia's SMART Future of Work.

With hundreds of millions of people working from home globally right now and with no end in sight, there has never been a better time in history to seriously explore this critical new profit centre for your business.

Think a unique range of apartments, grouped and stand-alone dwellings - any modality where your prospective new clients can perform their work duties under cover of a 'home business'. 

Your impending new range will legally facilitate the maximum possible business use percentage (BUP) for the highest level of ‘occupancy expense’ tax deductions ever known possible i.e. mortgage interest, building insurance, water and council rates.

And what the heck - let’s throw in Div 40 and Div 43 depreciation expenses while we’re at it.

Whilst other accountants may claim to know how such things work, rest assured they are very much in the dark and without any practical experience regarding the processes we’ve painstakingly prepared for you.

For one thing, local government considerations have the highest bearing on a home business owners' outcomes than anything.

Naturally you may be thinking how it is that we know this, in which case, let’s just say that we've been at it for decades and we’re Australia’s only proven experts in this critical area.

Property, wealth, retirement, home business and tax … it sure is complex but we’ve joined the dots so well, that everyone to whom we demonstrate easily follows it!

In short, your new exclusive range will be truly dual-purpose enhanced, not some poor compromise.

You‘ll quickly have early-adopter-advantage in this explosive niche’ both within and well beyond these difficult Covid times.

Like nothing else can, the net savings from the IP, slashes the true cost of home ownership regardless of contract price meaning they can either get their desired home for less or, they can buy a more expensive home for around the same cost as what they were initially thinking they'd have settled for!

Please re-read that last sentence and then let it sink in for a bit …

Putting it very simply, it works great because they'll enjoy a significant proportion of the previously mentioned ongoing property expenses as funded from their pre-tax business income (in a sense, as does salary packaging for employees however minus the FBT issues).

Additionally, any CGT headaches at sale are easily dispensed.

Of note, this can even be done with a 'side-hustle' to your customers’ main occupation or other business and so this aspect should be well-explored!

Intellisolve arranges the requisite bespoke taxation advice for your customer, or we can license the IP to your preferred supplier, shielding you from inadvertent exposure to what is a highly complex, regulated, monitored and compliance driven field.

If this is starting to sound like a real game changer - that’s because it is!